R.J. Carter and the YTU’s Refusal for Interview

A few days ago, I distributed a video on YouTube that step-by-step dismantled just some of the disinformation and denials issued by LoganSperman2 and his cohorts in the YouTube Vigilantes, a supposed support group for YoungTubersUnited — a kids’ videomaking effort around which the YTV has rallied and for which LoganSperman2 has strived to become the public face.

The YTV posted a video response, which they bravely published after first getting my video TOS’d from YouTube with a flagging campaign — which is really par for the course when dealing with these stooges. First they try to silence you, then they put up their responses. It’s all really very very noble. (No worries, my video will reappear soon, and I’ll edit this blog posting to include a link.) (And here it is.)

In their response, YTV attempted to confuse and mislead the viewer that an IP address displayed in my video did not, in fact, originate from where I said it did, but rather was an overseas Asian Internet node. For those who might actually believe their not-really-all-that-convincing prevarication, I’ve included two screencaps below, with URLs, which anyone can recreate to their own satisfaction.

Meanwhile, we continue moving forward with evidence that LoganSperman2, who presents on YouTube as a seventeen year old anonymous figurehead, is also running the account JeremyAndFriends (under investigation for wire fraud, as it continues to solicit ‘donations’ for a new digital camera) as well as Anakinboy10, the address to which said donations are to be funneled and who maintains an account on the pedophile online congregation, BoyChat, when he’s not selling salacious videos of young boys wrestling, dancing, and tickling in exchange for donations in the form of Amazon.com gift certificates.


One Response to R.J. Carter and the YTU’s Refusal for Interview

  1. Sarah says:

    Anakinboy10 aka Logansperman2 has a lot more to worry about than silencing the truth about him on YouTube.

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