LoganSperman2 is AnakinBoy10

Logan’s Run to Phantom Menace Over
Uploaded by RJCarter

(Author’s Note: The embedded YouTube clip has currently been disabled by YouTube for “Community Guidelines” violations — ie, a flagging campaign to squelch the information. This decision by YouTube is currently under appeal.  In the meantime, click the above link for a mirror of the censored video. — RJ)

LoganSperman2 has been the unofficial spokesperson for a kids’ videomaking group, presenting as a seventeen year old. The evidence, however, has painted a far different — and sinister — picture of the person calling himself LoganSperman2, a picture painted by a trail of IP addresses left behind by LoganSperman2’s activities online, shared among several YouTube users who have long suspected his motives.

The result of this shared information revealed a causal chain linking LoganSperman2 — the so-called “Kid Who Exposes Hate Groups” — to AnakinBoy10, an Internet user who openly displays his pedophilia on the boy-love oriented website, BoyChat, and who offers salacious videos of young boys in exchange for an Amazon.com gift certificate donation.

The exposure of LoganSperman2 came about largely as the result of IP trapping blogs such as Acme Cleaning Services as well as my own blog, TheRJCarter, on WordPress, which recorded incoming visits and message sources which matched already documented IPs from emails and forum postings from the user who calls himself Logan.

In January of 2008, an editorial I wrote and which I still publish on my blog, was published at The-Trades.com. Shortly thereafter, a complaint was filed from the YTU main account from YoungTubers. The documented visual profile of user YTU shows it to be identical to YouTube user LoganSperman2. The IP of the complaint mail tracked back to a DSL node in Toledo, OH, and matched the IP left behind by Logan in one of his postings on the BraveNet forum, as well as visits to Acme Cleaning services.

Upon moving the editorial over to WordPress, I soon received a complaint from another user, this one calling himself JRaden. This message posting left behind an email address in addition to an IP, an IP which also mapped to the identical DSL node used by LoganSperman2 in the aforementioned examples. The email address was used to register a separate YouTube channel, JeremyandFriends, which features a young boy begging for donations for a new digital camera. We emailed this account three times, and all three responses verified that the user was still soliciting funds, and also solidified the location through the X-Originating IPs of the emails — all in western Toledo.

JeremyandFriends clearly stated in these communications that they do not take the donations directly, however. The email claims “a friend” is letting him use his Payoneer account, an online transaction system similar to Paypal. This friend’s user ID is ANAKINBOY10, the aforementioned pedophile who purveys videos online using the same email address, and whose activities also track back to the same DSL node in Toledo.

The picture that comes into focus is this: In Toledo, OH, there is a YouTube user who would have people believe that he is bravely making himself a target for supposed hate groups, all in the name of defending YoungTubers. Ironically, the majority of the heat he draws is because he is this faceless target, having otherwise no connection with the kids videomaking group at all. This same user, under another internet identity, is SELLING videos of kids through another website catering to softcore pedophilia fans. LoganSperman2 IS JeremyandFriends IS AnakinBoy10.

YoungTubers has allowed itself to be the patsy of a spokesperson who is more than questionable. Children are being defended by a pretend paladin who makes his own paper tigers, and who has a cottage industry that capitalizes on exploiting young boys.


5 Responses to LoganSperman2 is AnakinBoy10

  1. blahblahblahYC says:

    Let me see if I have this straight. You’ve matched IP addressess for the aforementioned YT user. However, I don’t see any information here that concludes that Logansperman2 is either a pedophile, a distributor of soft-porn or is even an adult. Am I missing something?

    • therjcarter says:

      If one person (AnakinBoy10) is a distributor of softcore CP, and another person (JeremyandFriends) is engaging in online solicitation of funds funneled through the first user (AnakinBoy10) — and then you show proof that a third user (LoganSperman2) is actually the same person as the first two users (AnakinBoy10 and JeremyandFriends), that they’re all, in fact, one person, then doesn’t it follow?

  2. notatthistime says:

    Agreed with blahblahblahYC.
    I see nothing that ascertains that any of these persons are the same persons. That presumption would require a precise numerical IP match to exist, not merely an entirely different IP that happened to be in the same area as another, which is what it appears you are declaring.
    If you have a problem with the videos the other person was ‘selling’, going by what I’ve amassed, they were innocent videos from Youtube and a major video sales website, unless I am mistaken? How is such content considered ‘softcore porn’, and furthermore how are these actions of ANAKINBOY tantamount to ‘pedophile’ unless one understood the intentions behind such actions? I know of at least several organised groups who employ similar tactics who are known for apprehending pedophiles. I think you ought to tread very carefully here before making too many flagrant accusations in this area against any of the parties mentioned. Although from the looks of the situation, it appears it may be a little late for that.

  3. notatthistime says:

    I am also curious what you find illegal with the ANAKINBOY10 situation, so much so as to write tl:dr diatribes on the matter. What you describe does not fit the M.O. of a pedophile, nor can I find anything illegal in his actions from what I have seen. If anything, it appears to be someone aiming to lure and snare pedophiles, not children. Correct?
    This begs the question of what your true motive is? I will suggest you take this up with law enforcement before doing what you are doing currently, as the latter can get you in very hot water yourself, especially when one knows not the full situation of which you speak so assuredly about, and fingering masses of unconnected individuals as perpetrators of a nonexistent crime, which may well be something completely contradictory to what you claim to have concluded.

    • R.J. Carter says:

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your concerns, but I have a pretty good idea of what I’m doing.

      As, I’m sure, you do as well.

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