Amazing Spider-Man #600: The Undoing of One More Day?

The wait is very short now for Amazing Spider-Man #600. And while Peter Parker battles the Dark Avengers, Aunt May Parker is gearing up to wed J. Jonah Jameson’s long-lost father!

But what I want to focus on is the advertisement for #600 currently running in Amazing Spider-Man: The design is one of a wedding invitation, partially obscured by Spidey’s mask. You can just read that you’re being invited to the wedding of… “…son” to “…rker” on the special date.

Now, the assumption is, naturally, that the invite is for “Jonah Jameson” to “May Parker.” But what if it’s not? Have you ever seen a wedding invitation? It’s very, very poor taste — in fact, almost unheard of — to put the groom’s name before the bride’s. That leads me — and many others to believe that what we’re seeing is actually a hint of a wedding between “Mary Jane Watson” to “Peter Parker.”

If that’s true,  it’s about time!


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