YouTube Pedophiles: One Down, More to Go


Gary Wolchesky doubts his capture.

Last week saw the arrest of Middletown, New Jersey pedophile Gary Wolchesky, written up here in the Asbury Park Press.

The story is that Wolchesky made the “mistake” of admitting in a video on YouTube that he was a pedophile, which supposedly made things easier for the police. What isn’t stated is that Wolchesky made his video in early 2008 — and now, in October of 2009, he’s arrested. That’s a little over a year for evidence gathering, and one has to trust that the police have acquired what they need.

Wolchesky (oh, let’s just call him inmate #3221842, shall we?) was profiled in an article of mine back in January of 2008 (reprinted here) when he was still using the monker myidisphat — a YouTube account that was administratively banned the day after publication when the Xbox Live community found Gary using a recording of his Halo game console being used to spell out “I (heart) Little Boys” out of pieces of digital debris.


Wolchesky talks of how easy it is to get little boys to spend the night with him.


3 Responses to YouTube Pedophiles: One Down, More to Go

  1. Kitty says:

    Gary Wolchesky=MyIDisStupidMolester.

    Good luck to his enabling mother in raising that bail money.

  2. mike s says:

    This is just one of hundreds or thousands of perverts on YouTube. Citizens have got to step up and join YouTube and force YouTube to stop catering to these freaks. I’m a father, who thank god raised my daughter at a time before all this was happening. It’s difficult enough to raise a kid these days, society should rid itself of YouTube unless it starts keeping its site clean.

  3. naruto shippuden manga

    YouTube Pedophiles: One Down, More to Go | R.J. Carter’s Line in the Sand

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