Context! Getcher Context Here!

When you quote someone, it’s all about context. Recently, a number of archived posts by Logan Sperman (YouTube’s LoganSperman2) have come to light, from a website called “Boys On Your Screen” (or B.O.Y.S.). The archives cover the period from 2005 to 2006, and have been offered up as even more proof that Logan — “the great kid who helps others” — is a facade masking something… icky.

Several of the posts below have already been reproduced on YouTube, where the claim has been made that they are “out of context” or were posts made to “troll” the moderators and other users. Here is the complete list of posts, with accompanying links, so that others can read the posts in context and decide for themselves whether or not Logan’s activity was to annoy or participate.

And now, for your reading pleasure, we proudly present…

Logan Sperman posts from B.O.Y.S archive

Archive 7

Re: I wonder if we could get some boy band to remake the old Weather Girls song for us…
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 9/28/05 02:04
In Response To: I wonder if we could get some boy band to remake the old Weather Girls song for us… (Sora)
i think thats stupid. im 14 so does that mean in another year no one will care about me? thats the one thing i dont like about people on sites like this is they claim they love boys but then as soon as they hit a certain age ooopsey they dont love you anmore. ummm so how is that love in the first place then? if you dont love someone for who they are and love them forever. instead of it depending on how old they are or if they hit puberty yet then its not love so stop calling it that please
i had a freind a year older then me who got real hurt by someone like that. myself, i dunno if Im gay or not but he started to want to hang out with me instead (i look way younger than my age thats probly why) and wanted to do pictures with me. and i didnt even know him, and my friend got thrown away basicly and it hurt him bad because he thought the guy really loved him its all a pile of fucking lies
it hurt my friend bad so i hope some of you think about that before you tell someon you love them. thanks.
getting back on topic. i like the picd here this realy is a cool place to find stuff never seen anywhere else i love that part

Re: What is this place?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 9/29/05 01:59
In Response To: What is this place? (Shocked Fan)
hmm I thought the same thing when I came on here.. yea some are grown guys and there are others here who are younger (im 14 for instance. guess thats still young. and yea i see what you mean since half of all posts are wanting pics of boys without shirts and all that, i mean derrr you can guess some might have exual intrest in boys here. but some dont.
and yea ther arent many girls here.. hmm yea that is strange since you would think a site about boy actors would get mostly girls..that part is odd i guess, but i know a couple girls that go here.
ok this might be a place where guys hang out that like boys and some might be what you would call pervy and even pedofiles, but they arent the real sick kind. not the ones that post regularly anyway. of they see anyone talking about sex with kids they will rip their heads off to defend the kids, the regular posters.
maybe some of them just lke pics of boys because ithey are still a boy and it keeps them in touch with their own, erm, boyhood, if that makes any sense and its not sexual or anything.
i mean i like the pics and I dont even think im gay. i just like keeping up with stuff and I think lots are good looking. but boys arent allowed to say they are or people think we are gay. but girls can talk about how pretty each other are. hmm i dunno.

nah I still think its sperm. like from masterbating, and then you touch it and its all nasty Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/1/05 05:01
In Response To: As a matter of fact, what I meant to imply was……… (yoyodan)
i hate when that happens.
like when you materbate and then the sperm gets all over the keyboard. because its all sticky and then it is all nasty
not that i do that or anything that would be crazy so i hope you dont think that please leave me alone just leave me alone
i will leave now

I was just watching cartoons and saw this, who is that boy?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/1/05 10:11
I just saw this on tv and came online to the site they mention and sure enough, the commercial online soooo here it is. the dude looks familiar

crap i missed it
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/2/05 00:23
In Response To: So no one had any comments about “Flight 29 Down”? (Sensitive Stephen)
I was up all night and i fell asleep before it was on right before the end of trading spaces boys vs girls, so i missed the big reveal on that too
I missed the new Darcy too even though that show is friggin annoying but the little kid on that is funny.
i was hoping they repeat it all on discovery kids but I cant get it in room since its one of the channels you need a box for and the only box is in the living room.
so it sucks. please if you have captures please post them or video clips.
also please check your email, I sent you that one link they deleted that I said was greggy on webcam, so you can see it yourself. maybe you will think its funny

how does she umm.. “get it”?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/2/05 08:04
In Response To: A Brit boy to watch out for in the future…………. (dekpurn)
or try to anyways?
if it wasnt his mom he would be lucky. welp if she was hot.
I had a fantasy like that once about one of my teachers hmm i guess im not gay after all har har
but your mom um ewwww. does she really uh er do it?

just because someone is sexually attraced to other boys doesnt make them gay
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/6/05 08:51
In Response To: Harry Potter gay? (yoyodan)
or umm..
hmm never mind.
and that guy was homophobic, that sucks.
ne ways gotta jet see ya

I’m baaaaack
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/14/05 17:16
glad to see we are back online. are we suposed to post less to make the server work better? or was it just the software?
ne wayz I found a cool new video. its not a prank or anything its sorta cool and touching and shows what it feels like for boys who are sorting out feelings to feel left out and stuff

Guys uh umm don’t miss Rodney tonight, trust me!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/18/05 20:47
and I DONT EVEN HAVE PIT HAIR YET theres no way that dude does but still its an umm interesting episode tonight specially for some of you guys teehee

Re: Don’t go off the deep end, friend.
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 01:13
In Response To: Don’t go off the deep end, friend. (Sensitive Stephen)
but anyone who likes to hurt boys IS sick. would you let someone come here and talk about killing boys too? Im confused, how could anyone who loves boys say this? ug this is just too depressing. that guy wasnt talking about movies he was talking about real boys being hurt, it looked like.
how can anyone accept views of people liking to see boys being hurt? that doesnt belong on a board of people who like boys, thats the total opposite of liking boys.

its hard to not get upset at that though
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 01:32
In Response To: Please try to be understanding of other people, and don’t jump to conclusions. (Sensitive Stephen)
one guys was here before that I saw before I started posting, and he kept saying how he dodnt like huritn gboys but kept asking for all sort of pictures and stories about boys being hurt, tortured and killed. uh umm… if that stuff turns a person on thats reallll scary. because thats liking seeing boys being hurt, and if someone lke that doesnt get help fast, well thats scary what could happen. thats a whol different thing than being a boy lover or gay isnt it? I dont know what you call that but its opposite if loving thats for sure. sio why are people lke that allowed here? its just plain scary

to Sensitive Stephen, important
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 01:07
Isnt it against the rules here for people to ask for pictures of boys being hurt or in pain?
I sure hope so. anyone asking for that is no boy lover they are a sicko who should be banned from ever being near kids, and especially posting on a site for people who are supposed to love and care about boys (i thought) and encouracing images of violence towards kids. I posted a reply to the guy asking for this trash and my reply was deleted. yea we dont want to be rude to the people who like hurting kids right? uh umm. sorry but anyone who likes that is sick,. and thats not even controversial. he was asking about kids really getting hurt, not even pretend violence in movies. anyone like that better get some help before he actually starts hurting or killing kids. how could that be allowed here?? but my reply telling him that was a sick request be deleted??
i am so confused. i know this place is accepting of all views but i thought the line was drawn when it came to people liking boys being injured or in pain. this is really scaring me.i thought everyone here were decent people. im just wow. confused.

hey that sorta explains some things
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 02:19
In Response To: One last thought….because the Nytol hasn’t kicked in yet… (MadQuoter)
I heard about that.. its so weird how that happens. maybe by thnking of that stuff it sort of “desensitizes” you to the pain or something by over exposing yourself to it.
hey at least you are talking about it and stuff so thanks im sorry stuff happened to you. that sucks.
but i guess thats what I was saying to the other guy, that when it gets to a level where you like the thought of boy sbeing hurt, its sort of crossed the line where you better get some kind of help, because like you said its a circle and when someone starts liking it for any reason, its important to get dome help and fast.
thats way diferent from someone just being attracted or liking boys. most people here would never think of hurting a boy or want to see boys being hurt (i hope), and probably would gang up on anyone they saw hurting a boy or doing anything to him he didnt want. thats why i started postign here because at first i thought this was all a bunch of pervs but then saw you guys are harmless and realy do just like boys and not want to like, rape them or anything. I think everyones still a boy at heart but you arent allowed to be because the world says you are suposed to act a certain age.
i might be only 14 but people already made me feel lke i was too old to lke some things that I like. and then I finally just said screw them they cant dictate what Im supposed to like or not like just because of an age it doesnt work that way. Im gonna be me.
now im rambling sorry but hmm hey yo are cool for explaining it, i never thought of it that way. but realy i hope that if peopel start wanting to see boys being hurt for any reason they will please get some help. not that they are a bad person but its real important that they do because there is help out there guys ok? please dont ever let yourself want to hurt kids for any reason. pleaseee.
I’ll go to bed now

it wasnt rude, and it wasnt him that deleted it
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 01:27
In Response To: I *RARELY* intercede when SS is involved…. (MadQuoter)
i mean nothing against klompen either, maybe he didnt really see it right I dont know
but it was just me being upset that someone came here asking for pictures of boys being beaten with canes. we are supposed to be accepting of that? wher eis the line drawn then? i just said to the guy that if he likes hurting boys he should get some help and that was a sick request. these are the poeple that you hear about on the news who end up killing boys, they are dangerous, it doesnt belong here and neither do people who like that since they definitely arent boy lovers. last time i checked, if you like the thought of beting the crap out of kids, you arent any kind of boy lover, thats about as opposite as it gets.

Re: The world is really big…
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 02:28
In Response To: The world is really big… (mockingostrich)
I wasnt disguated about him being accepted in society but just that instead of getting help someone would ask for pictures of kids being hurt, its just scary and like MQ said its a viscous circle and when it starts being about kids being hurt its time to stop looking for pictures and feeding the feelings and get help before it goes to something else that might be really hurting kids.
i know it might be because he was abused but thats not a good way to deal with it because its gonna lead to him having feelings to abuse other kids.
i think im my reply i just said it was a sick thing to want to see that, which it is of course, but it was more direct or whatever. MQ was right, I shoudl have maybe asked why he wanted that stuff and talked to him instead of blasting him and chasing him away. I wish he wld have came here and posted that he was having feelings where he lked that stuff and was concerned. but he just was asking for pics, so it really just got me upset someone would do that on a board thats supposed to be about loving kids.

Re: Huh?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 21:36
In Response To: Huh? (silentsurfer)
ok but theres a difference between loving boys and to see pictures of them and all of that, yea some people migh tthink its sick. but i think what we mean is it crosses the line when it involves hurting kids. i mean come on theres go to be a line some where right?
if someone likes kids in pain this is wayyyyyy different. and like MQ said there could be reasons for that.. but still it shouldnt be encouraged since its crossing the line into kids in pain, and being hurt or tortured or even worse. instead everyone should talk about it and maybe figure out why they have feelings about hurting kids instead of trying to find pics about it. or hooking someone up with pics about it, when its something realy serious, like kids being hurt.
i dont know his post seemed like he was talking abut real kids really getting hurt. thats just my opinion, but its just scary when someone likes seeing kids being hurt. i can help what the reason is, theres no excuse to keep the circle going even in fantasy, you have to get some help and talk abot your feelings because thats way different from loving boys or anything that this board is about.
ok thats my opinons, Im outta here

B.O.Y.S. Picture Quiz! — You may win!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/19/05 21:48

And the prize is my lovely presence on this board, isnt that worth winning huh? what do you mean no

welllpppp anywayz lets give this a try and see how people like it

These are clues to pictures posted on here, and you have to find the picture its talking about.
Lets just do one question for a test

I spy with my B.O.Y.S. eye..
A picture of a boy with a golf trophy behind him.

Picture was posted in the last 24 hours!

see if anyone gets it

Boys undies music video! heehee!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/22/05 17:23
thats right..
the Froot of the Loom guys like boys underwear so much, they made a music video about it! teehee!
its cool!

rats. I thought you just used “sword” as a metaphor. oh well, nice pics anyway
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/23/05 13:35
In Response To: William brandishing his mighty sword ! (jaymcfly)
wait im not gay. hmm
im just curious ok leave me alone. umm ok bye

Why don’t some people volunteer to help?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/23/05 13:40
In Response To: Star Galaxy still offline… (Gerhard)
I bet you can get lots of help from a bunch of peopl here and all over to help you out, Stargalaxy i the best movie ans TV site in the world actualy, as far as pitures and stuff, its better than IMDB. theres nothing even close. sooooooooooooo e all should get together to pitch in to help. just my opinion

hee hee! I noticed a blooper!!!!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/23/05 14:16
In Response To: As I promised – the cutie from Bob Sinclar’s – Love Generation 4/7 (pixel)
Can you guys find it?
Its ight when he was taking a drink and it has something to do ith what hes wearing..!
how did that happen?????

i know
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/25/05 02:09
In Response To: Re: Just be careful. Otherwise, enjoy your stay here … (tanner)
and izzy is getting sick of you not putting the toilet seat down yea he told me!
welp yea Im not like a realy little kid or anything geessh. but yea i dont want anyone here to come to molest me LOL. unless they are like a hot girl or woman then hey they can do what ever they want to me.. or maybe if im real horny and its a hot looking guy..kiddinggggg. oooookay yea im tired again
huh whats that, OMG its izzy at my door and greggy is with him heya sup dudes! huh? oh nooo get away noYX*XCC~C
hehe j/k
for real the main people that hit on me are 9 and 10 year old girls LOL, no lie. everywhere i go lately.. even in front of my parents. its quite umm embarassing.
since i cant think of anything more funny or crazy to say here..i shall leave now (stop celebrating i just meant for tonight geesh). me tired. bye

come on over we can make fondoo or umm something
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/24/05 19:34
In Response To: Re: Surprise in this post (I found out the secret aw yeeuh) (tanner)
ok guess from where Im from go on.. maybe I did a fake accent hah
righteo mate
I usually talk much clearer than that, I was soooo tired
Im the first one to post his voice? oh boy do i get a prize do I huh? next time I’ll sing for ya
hey Im pretty good. or so people say
now you guys will be scared to open my posts again for fear I’ll be screaming at you or something heehee ok I wont do that..

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 10/26/05 03:12
In Response To: Re: I’m testing another photo thingy {moderated by Sensitive Stephen} (LA)
they might not mind you taking their pic, but do you think they know you would be posting it on a site where guys could look at them sexualy like that? I dont think so. most kids would feel real violated.
I agree with SS

Re: I’m not going to discuss this with you.
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/12/05 06:34
In Response To: I’m not going to discuss this with you. (Klompen)
my pleasure? how about what everyone else wants? I dont think they enjoy you being a dictator over them.. I just made a point that the so called rule is only enforced for me. want me to go find 10 examples of people allowed to post so called “off topic” stuff right now? I bet it would take 2 minutes.
so its for my ‘protection’, the idea is that no one can like, come and stalk me, or find me. same for anyone here.. no one even knows my name or where I live. no one can even write to me except SS if he even remembers the email, my email is not public. so theres anonymous right there, thats good enough.
so.. to sum up.. its not off topic. its not a risk to me being anonymous. so wheres the problem now?
you still didnt answer my last question. can I post a link to my site, or my myspace? or is there a rule against that? hmm odd i didint find one.
Im too tired to deal with this.
point is, nothing jepordizes anyone being 100% anonymous. and it is as on topic as much as 80% of other clips posted here.
there you go. enough said until SS comes on.
look I know you guys mean well and are not just power mongers (ahem).. but theres such a thing as being reasonable.

OK case in point, ha!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/12/05 07:24
In Response To: It�s more than that (Andrew)
People post liks to putfile videos all the time that have random kids in them.. also links to independent short films. guess what? mine is an independant short film (like the 443 thing). thats basically what it is that I posted. and there is a boy in it (who may or may not be me ). so yea Im on topic. so there ya go.
bye bye me sleep now

well because….
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/12/05 21:05
In Response To: To Logan Sperman: (Izzy A.Hotty *emeritus*)
Its not just being modeated.. its that I am the target.. notice anything I post is always criticized no mater how inocent it is?
Its not *me* who stirs up trouble, its just that I am here, period. its not that Im actually doing anything any different from anyone else as I already pointed out (people can link to little independant films and myspace sites… anyone but me.
pepl can link to their own little video sites as lng as it doesnt hurt their anonimity.. anyone but me.
even if people saw what I looked like.. what about the random kids in these other clips and pics you guys post? thats allowed because theres no name or contact info up for them, right? well same goes for me. so its a double standard, since if you look at it, you can see its no different.
I never post here to stir anything up, god.. just a couple times at first I posted some funny prank things and that was supposed to be taken as a joke, but I promised to stop doing that because some people got their panties ina twist and got all spazzed, so I havent anymore.
I always liked coming here way before i posted because you guys had pics and vids like crazy. I dont think anyone here is as pervy as most people think, and it doesnt bother me much. most of you guys are pretty decent.
as for what I post, I just said the person may or may not be me, just in case someone had a prob. and still you do, yet others can post little videos made by kids… anyone but me.
so its nothing to do with following rules, since rules are supposed to be the same for everyone. am i right? so if they can post, i should be allowed to.
no one here is going to get in trouble any more than they would for posting the links to other things, its all innocent stuff and its all just as anonymous as anything else.
I nevr posted my name or any contact info anywhere, if i did maybe that would be different.

They are no more ‘celebs’ than I am
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/12/05 21:24
In Response To: Yes, they are. (Phred)
explain to me how these random kids are determined to be ‘celebs’ but my video is somehow different?
I wonder how long you will keep arguing until you realize its a double standard. what does it take to be a ‘celeb’? How come those kids pictures can be posted *AND* their names, but mine cant be posted with NO name?
So if these kids are called celebs by the FAQ, then my vid is in the same category as an online independant film. if you dont think it is, please explain why, thanks.

Re: You are really something.
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/13/05 01:02
In Response To: You are really something. (Thomas)

Sensitive Stephen when to great lengths to explain the reality of our situation to you in very concise, sensible and easy to understand language; yet you persist in flogging a dead horse (pushing the issue). This leaves me to conclude:
1. You are not really a teenager. Your grammar syntax fluctuates wildly from elementary grade level to that of an adult. For all we know you could be a troll–a person posing as a kid whose only purpose is to cause trouble for this board. Personally, I wouldn�t be surprised if you are a religious fanatic who has an agenda against people who are not 101% �straight� in their sexual orientation.
Did I say I had anythng against being gay? dude, Im not even sure what I am so I stopped trying to categorize myself. everyones a little of both.
yeah I am christian but sinc when did I ever come her eto stir anythign up? Im just trying to have fun and hopefully bring happiness to the people here. some people get my jokes and things.. SS does and plenty of others. lighten up and cheer up dude.
and when did I say I was an elementary school kid?
I’m in high school, taking some college level stuff if you even care. I dont pay atention to grammar on here, it probably depends how tired i am, lol.
or tentamont to the ubiquitousness of that, ther and such and such.
2. You are a really a kid with mediocre success trying to generate publicity for yourself by means of this forum and that you had help from an older adult with your posting.
what are you talking about? I’m not even giving out my real name, Im not trying to break into show biz, I just like to make little videos and things once in awhile. I do like singing and acting, and I do lots of that in school and local productions.. Im not trying to use this as any sort of boost to my ‘career’.. LOL
If you are the former than I have nothing more to say to you, except: Get a life!
If you are the latter, please know that you will not be successful taking this route. And, you are very likely to find your ability to post here suddenly curtailed.. If you really are a �performer�, practice your craft in your local community. If you have talent you will sooner or later receive the recognition you are craving, And, I wish you good luck.
.. and my video or whatever is entitled be posted here as well… you forgot to add that..
I’m not tryin to make money.. where are you even coming from? Im not trying to hurt this board at all either, I *like* this board.. but everytime I want to post something everyone thinks i have some sorta of hidden aggenda or whatever.. its pretty sickening, so I have a right to be pissed off. and I am clearly targeted about this stuff. so Im not posting the video again, even though according to the FAQ I am clearly allowed to. I’ll put it on my myspace or anyone can find it on Zshare or putfile.

I quoted the damn FAQ! LOL! I proved I was right, ..didnt I?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/13/05 01:14
In Response To: There’s no point in arguing with you Logan……. (dekpurn)
dude, I showed you the FAQ and point by point showed how I was perfectly with in the guidelines and now you just say I’m ‘wrong’ and its ‘boring’ to try to argue with me. I just proved i was right, even quoting the FAQ. If I am still wrong go ahead and explain how.
The part about posting “idenifiable” info about ones self.. well a video isnt really identifiable info without email or a name or location. now if yo want to debate that, fine. then that also means someone else here can post it, just not me?
why is that then? because I know about it, or because I am here? that should make it *more* OK to post it rather than less. right?
anyone else can post publicly available video clips of kids dong funny things or little indie film clips.. am I right so far? ok.. so then why can’t I?
its a simple question, isnt it?
I quoted the FAQ, and the FAQ agrees with me.
you don’t but that your prob., because the FAQ says its ok. thats all my point is.
nothing to argue with, its in print. go check the FAQ.
If I have a publicaly available entertainment clip or video, not revealing anymore personal identity than any other kid in any other video posted here..its perfectly allowed here as far as I can see in all the rules I read.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/13/05 20:15
Hey guys.. thanks for sticking up for me.. I didn’t really mind his post.. I really barely remember reading it.. lol!
I guess it sounds like I was whining or whatever.. I was trying to show people that what I was posting was technically allowed by the FAQ, and also I (or the kid in the video who may or not be me ) would fall into the ‘celeb’ category.. according to the FAQ here. Not that I am a celeb, but I figure just as much as those little skater kids
see it was just making a point, like you do on debate team, I guess i came off sounding whiney.
anyways *even* if it is allowed by the FAQ, and even though its nothing identifiable about me, the point about *me* posting it not being OK, vs. someone *else* posting it.. it sounds completely insane, but I suppose it makes sense, in a non-sensical
to outsiders thinking its all just a bunch of pervs here, seeing even an anonymous teen post might give them fuel to attack this site, I dunno. Although I bet half of the people here *are* in their teens or 20’s themselves, too..
anyway I wont post the video or even a link to anything thats about me, as anonymous as I make myself, lol.
It’s so pathetically easy to find my MySpace yourselves anyway, if anyone even remotely tries, I’ll put my videos there and stuff. I’m even keeping myself anonymous there. But for the sake of stuff here I wont post it, either.
It’s really hard to find stuff I can post here..maybe I’ll just entertain you with ramblings about my kitty doing hilarious things.

umm, I don’t have any, LOL
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/13/05 21:50
In Response To: Hey Logan! Richard has a message for you… (Thomas)
no piercings on me.. so you probably got the wrong myspace dude..LOL!
and what’s wrong with being gay?
not saying I am.. not saying I am not.. but what’s wrong if I was? god some people are so ignorant.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/16/05 20:11
I actually know that song (‘bitch’) LOL!
I’ll do it.. although I can’t figure out what makeup to use.. mom’s home so i can’t swipe hers..LOL!
don’t think i will? LOL!

My NEW VIDEO is done! (as per Kris’ request, LOL)
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/17/05 03:40
hows about something christmas
I want to see you dance around in a santa hat (i didnt say “and nothing else” shame on you all, were keeping it clean for the youngins)
or, do that song “Bitch” by meredith brooks – so much for keeping it clean
What you didn’t think I would do it? told ya I would..heheh
I didn’t feel like doing any sort of makeup this time.. it wasn’t hiding much anonymity anyway really.. lol.. made a cool hat (hey I tried)..
for you guys who can’t get to it, it’s not that hard.. everyone has a myspace, you don’t need to give personal info to get one..I didn’t..
anyone who really cant get on it, and wants it.. I’ll do the thing on ZShare that lets you send it to a friend if I know your email..

HEY GUYS! Happy Holidays! and a New video too
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/31/05 11:06
sorry I havent had time to come here as much, ya like you guys really missed me, lol
yea I made yet another video and put it up on myspace LOL
no ones leavin me comments (cry cry) so maybe Im just annoying everyone
I hope you guys are having good holiday season

OH YEA forgot to add!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 12/31/05 11:16
In Response To: HEY GUYS! Happy Holidays! and a New video too (Logan Sperman)
the video is a spoof of a silverchair song
The reason i keep looking up is because the monitor was above so it looks weird
anyway come on guys how about some more requests! i need ideas
(and it doesnt count to request that I stop doing videos, lol)


Re: LOGAN SPERMAN- why bash the kid?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/4/06 22:49
In Response To: LOGAN SPERMAN- why bash the kid? (Kris)
Gah, well thanks for sticking up for me, but SS wasn’t bashing, no one really was bashing me.
I already see reasons wy it might be weird for me to post things that are directly connected to..well me.
Even though I am plenty anonymous, Its just people could say the board managers are letting a kid or teen post images of himself or whatever.
I guess it is mainly because its me posting it. I dont know, its complicated I guess.
I didnt think it made people mad to let people know i made another video, thats all i was saying, since I sort of got the idea from being here and seeing other music videos posted, so I was sort of making them for people here in a way, and a couple people requested things. I guess thats why I talk abot it here. I’ll try not to anymore since it upsets people.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/5/06 20:37
In Response To: LOGAN SPERMAN STUFF (Kris)
Guys, don’t worry about my privacy or safety, I’m not gonna exploit myself, (no matter how much Greggy begs me, no means no Greggy).
Why do we all pick on him? Poor Greggy hehe
As for me shirtless.. LOL you aren’t missing anything, trust me LOL (me=scrawny)
I actually did do something semi-shirtless teehee.. but it’s so wrong. people might consider it “raunchy”, it was an inside joke to a friend, dancing to the song Gay Bar by Electric Six. need i say more, LOL. NO Im not homophobic, trust me
I probably wont put it up unless Im like really really really really bored, and feel like offending people. LOL
maybe I’ll submit it to Atomfilms, oh yes baby.
I’m kidding. kidding people geesh!
anywho, thanks for the “support” and everythng, but things are ok.

Re: OK, You Guys Have Finally Done It……..
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/6/06 00:15
In Response To: OK, You Guys Have Finally Done It…….. (silentsurfer)
That was so good
funny thing is I really wasn’t trying to become an sort of celebrity like people are making it out to be..or get attention. I really was just pissed that one time because everything I posted got moderated, so I made a point that according to the FAQ I should be able to post it all, blah blah. basically just to make a point and rant, since well it really ISN’T fun to try to be creative and post things and have everything deleted.
so my myspace works for posting my videos and things (although no ones ever leaves me comments ) and keeping it off of here to make everyone happy.

Re: I respect your sticking up for him; I really do.
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/6/06 00:24
In Response To: I respect your sticking up for him; I really do. (Sensitive Stephen)
I don’t think i will post over at boychat. now **those** guys are pervy LOL
People here just seemed to like fun clips and things like me. I came here too to check out stuff and other clips and pictures. I can’t say that I’m gay, or that I’m not, probably sort of in the middle to be honest but I’m not sitting here wanking to anything (I wont insert anything mean to Greggy here lol), I just like checking out all the stuff here since theres nowhere else that has all of this stuff.
and the people here are pretty cool

Uh, ok, Cole was implying Thomas was gay.. big whoop
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/6/06 20:04
In Response To: clarifying opening sentence. (dahobb)
“having sex with boys”, was implying he is gay,
see, because he is a boy too. what is your problem dude? Thats not being a “child molester”!
I dont think he meant he was having sex with 4 year olds! he meant with OTHER BOYS, like on his own peer level. his joke was about him being gay. geesh!
I mean this kid is only like in his 20’s or something, I dont consider someone in their 20’s to be a child molester just for having relations with other boys in their teens or 20’s too. unless they are raping 4 year olds or something. There are even 12 year old child “molesters”.
Its not pedophila though if say, a 25 year old likes a 15 year old, or vice versa. come on. Thats only a legal thing if they do sexual things..BUT technically, its also illegal for two underage kids to have sex together, so yea.
its not pedophilia though, thats a psycholigical condition and something else. its not based on calendar ages at all and its not a legal term. two totally different things.
(see im using my excellent communication skills to settle disputes now, I am so special)

NEW Skandar Pic!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/7/06 21:34
In Response To: it’s Still Skandar Saturday, “doe eyes in the headlights!” (RC__)
check it out, hes so dreamy :

“Mouse” is a kid
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/9/06 19:59
In Response To: New Movie Site {Moderated by Phred} (Tom)
the kid that runs the site, he took his age off but he had pics of himself up and everything, hes about 14-16 or something I think.
his other site is (mods you can remove that if you want, but just pointing out that it’s the same kid), he also had something some other places. hmm I wonder if his parents wonder where all his money comes from.
hes abit messed up, he got abused and now he has a fetish of spanking or something. I saw his site last year, I hope he gets help instead of just profiting off of having pervs visiting his site. (hey at least I dont ask for money. j/k! no, I would never be into anything sexually oriented, I just like doing fun stuff, making people smile (hopefully). )

[Note: The person who logan is referring to as a “teen” is actually a 51 y.o. convicted sex offender. Peej’s wiki on “mouseboy” can be found here: — TheRJC]

oh and he does go on this site
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/9/06 20:30
In Response To: Thank you Logan Sperman for … (Elagabalus)
because he used to have videos on his music videos page that were only posted here, like clips wilbur and others made right after they were posted, but he took them down.
he has a bunch from rewind motion pictures, that Leo kid, for sale. i wonder if they even know. hes probably copying it and burning his own and selling them, lol

Oh….I thought this was about me….
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/19/06 03:29
In Response To: Very handsome, only 14 years old here and sadly neglected on this forum! (1 of 3) (Lanky Lad)
nevermind then
but i will leave.
I have to finish illegally downloading my copy of brokeback mountain. toodles, yall.
(to the fbi, that was a joke. I dont even think its worth my rental fee. i heard it sucks.
get it? it sucks! har har, maybe the fbi has a perverted sense of humor like me. if so we are all in trouble. now i must leave. do not cry, for I shall return. either to add something constructive to this board, or shamelessly promote a new video on my myspace, but either way I WILL RETURN).

New Pictures I Found!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/26/06 21:53
And no, none are of me
Although I sort of *have* been busy with my webcam and MySpace again ::cough cough:: (no it is actually pretty lame so I’m probably going to remove it anyway soon,. god I need sleep)
I found some new pics and sites, and Im working on something else (behind the scenes video clips from some kids I know who you probably know from tv, but thats all I’ll say.
just that I dont know if they would like their stuff posted here.
Has everyone seen these before?
See if you can guess who they are:

Guess who?

But what’s his last name? (no prize) LOL

They are grabbing for your balls:

Thats all for now
And since when did Jeremy start wearing bling?

His penis is sort of cool
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/27/06 00:15
In Response To: FULL FRONTAL JACKIE (CAUTION: implied frontal) (Icarus)
under that cold water
how could it not be?

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 1/30/06 01:26
In Response To: MESSAGE FROM LOGAN LERMAN! (!@#$%^&*)
So you want to show him that the guys who write to him aren’t pervs by sending him over here?
Smart move. lol.
Anyone who sees this board for the first time will defiitely think everyone or most people here are very pervy. Unless they get to know some of the people here, like me, and have a more open mind to people expressing things they feel and whatever, and not judging them as “bad” because of it.
there definitely are pervs here (duh) but there are lots who arent what i would call a “perv”. (being manipulitive)
anyway, i have serious issues with Logan Lerman and his parents too. and whoever is running that myspace and his official site. thats all I’ll say on that.
I wouldnt be all supportive of a kid who does crap liek the stuff that he seems to be doing, even though they all are saying it wasn’t true and was all a joke (riiiiiight).
give me a break.
thats al i’ll say.

Taylor shirtless…. and in interestng costume
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/2/06 08:31
Check out these pics..
Shirtless (sort of, lol)

whats with this costume?

What does he have on his wrists?
and what are they for?? hmm

And again the things on his wrists??

Re: Taylor shirtless…. and in interestng costume
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/2/06 22:47
In Response To: Taylor shirtless…. and in interestng costume (Logan Sperman)
OK so what is XMA?
And it looks more like a costume than a proper training outfit, lol
so what is that on his wrists then?? i never knew you had to have anything on your wrists for training
maybe sweatbands but thats usually optional (I think)? hmm

Re: Myspace
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/3/06 23:36
In Response To: Re: Myspace (Timmy Martin)
I accept anyone as a “friend” on my MySpace unless they are into drugs or kids getting drunk and crap (yes even kids go on there bragging about how they like to get drunk for recreation, hmm yea talk about parents not knowing what there kids are up to. I shouldnt talk, lol, but at least I don’t do that sort of stupid sh..crap, or whoring myself like more than half the kids on there are).
Anyway ya dont need to be invited, if you cant figure out how to get to mine…thats just scary, lol.
yea I hate myspace actually (believe it or not, lol), its all a bunch of 12 year old wannabe ho girls, and wannabe ho boys, posting pics they think are hot of themselves. most just use fake pics from modeling sites online, Im noticing that in my own friend list now, lol, I should press them to take a picture holding a sign or something. but whatever..
I would never meet up with anyone without a group or trusted adult. Im not *that* stupid.
most of the kids who get into that mess are looking for sexual stuff. 99% of them. and thats not me.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/4/06 05:09
In Response To: A different perspective (Thomas)
I agree, the sex stuff is usually more of a joke, but there are kids way younger than me posting explicit pics of themselves online, I mean even if they arent doing anything come on its pretty sick.
If I get one more crotch shot Im gonna start deleting people, lol. I mean I have hormones too but yea that just is off putting, so superifical and stupid
the drugs and drinking stuff, if they are talkin they are more likely to be doin, and sometimes they have pics of themnsevles doin stuff. where are these kids where they think thats somehow cool. around here we call those types of kids “burn outs” and “losers”, lol. I swear myspace is just…. yea
I stopped going through profiles because it started getting me depressed, lol.
there are a few cool people on there though who have real talent and goals in their lives, and stay away from doing stupid crap or talking about it thinking they are so cool or something.
and the girls that pose like strippers acting like they are giving us guys some sort of treat by exposing there boobs. yea I’ll pass, and hey, go show your momma what you been putting online girl.
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn can you say “slut” or wannabe slut? no one has any self esteem. just irritating.
i’ll stop venting now, lol

Short of calling you an idiot………
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/5/06 00:18
In Response To: Just watched The Deep End of the Ocean and have s (Thomas)
I’ll be nice and not do that but…
Dude, see, everyone does not grow according to a calendar. Kids all grow differently at different paces. Are you for real, or was this just being sarcastic?
You can’t be that out of touch with reality.
Some kids voices might not even star tchanging until late teens or 20’s, and some kid’s voices change at 11 or 12. Same deal with puberty.
My voice is still sort of high, and some kids 2 years younger than me have their changed already sounding more like older teens. It’s different for everyone, geesh.

Someone tape Conan O-Brien tonight!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/8/06 01:55
I missed it and Harrison was on
If someone can video it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do it for me. please please please please
yea there was a boy on it from the promo but the main reason i want it is cuz Harrison, lol
please tape it of anyone can or Tivo it and make a video thanks!

Pic of Matt McCurley for Cole
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/8/06 17:11
ok wellllp hes not exactly hot in this pic, lol
this is a baddddddddd pic, but I have some video of the Weird Al Show and he looks hot on it, lol.

Dillon Lane’s New Trailer!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 2/22/06 01:25

sorry I havent had time to come here as much, ya like you guys really missed me, lol
yea I made yet another video and put it up on myspace LOL
no ones leavin me comments (cry cry) so maybe Im just annoying everyone
I hope you guys are having good holiday season
click the crown, then cick the crown on the next page with the wallpapers and there ya go
He is a really cool (and funny) guy and really good actor!

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/4/06 11:35
In Response To: Jewelboys site shut down (movilover)
but boys with jewelry are cool I spose.

I’m fine with admitting when I’m wrong
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/5/06 00:20
In Response To: See there is a big difference between you and I (Izzy A.Hotty *emeritus*)
and I always apologize!
You got be all backwards, geesh.
I don’t crave this kind of attention at all, I just get put in the center of it all the time.
I crave GOOD attention, thats probably why I am an actor. I like making people laugh and cheer up.
I only argue when I believe in something, when something is unjust, not “just to argue”.
Anyway enough time on this already, but I did want to clear those things up.

Sexy Commercial! OMG I wanna be this boy!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/15/06 08:55
Check it out!
I think this was almost banned

New Boy Pop Star! This is for real! (Lord help us all)
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/15/06 09:05
This is a boy named Zachery.
They say you can’t tell if a kid is gay this young
but umm
I’d say it’s a safe bet, LOL.
Let’s just start with his song choice,
well we really need to go no further, but you can if you wish. lol
I had more stuff to post but I’ll do it when I get home.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/22/06 17:04
In Response To: Star Galaxy is gone (Gerhard)
this is pissing me off
What exactly is so hard about getting SG back online?
If you have the offline content, get another server to host it.
What is so much harder in getting that up as opposed to B.O.Y.S. or any other site?
Is it money? if so lets get together and raise whatever you need.
if not, then what is it?
2. We get together and supply whatever is needed.
there ya go!
I never heard of such a struggle to get a site online, geezh.
we all want it back, so lets shut up and help Gerhard do it.

What is the server?
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/22/06 17:10
In Response To: Star Galaxy is gone (Gerhard)
See what you do is CALL them, the server admin or company and find out why it was “switched off”.
If my electricity went out, I wouldnt sit back and get depressed like theres nothing I can do, I call the electric company. I dont get any of this.
whats with all of this acting like you are powerless, if you want a site up do it. If you need help there are hundreds here and all over who are more than willing to help.

Re: Well just two things.
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/22/06 22:18
In Response To: Well just two things. (Lanky Lad)
ummmmm LOL
check out and, LOL!
Theres plenty of servers like that that will accept anything. as long as its legal, whats the prob.
Money? how much does he need?
Did this Lostboy dude rip him off or something?
We could set up a donation site, no prob.
I used to go to SG lots to find info and pics on almost any movie, even tv commercials.
Lets just help Gerhard bring it back, no prob.

uh dude, there are plenty of boys left
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/23/06 07:57
In Response To: Kevin Covais gets voted off “Idol” (Cole Swinton)
or are you talking about some exact age mark?
like if you are 17 you are a boy but 20, poof, you arent? umm, ooooooooookay sort of a fine line there, dont ya think, lol.
I cant stand it when people that think that way its just well, weird. whats with the exact age fixation, they are all are in the same exact age range, 16-28 or something. they are all still boys more or less, some just look older I guess.
kevin was not *that* good, neither was that other dude you liked that got voted off, lol.
they were ok but not as good as most of the others. Bucky isnt that good either, I was surprised the public voted kevin out over him since he has a following, mainly because he looks so nerdy but sings so well in contrast, (worked for clay).
that would have been fun to see them give kevin a makeover, lol

Wait, do you know where Lostboy *IS*? If so, he has the backup
Posted By: logan sperman
Date: 3/31/06 00:33
In Response To: please be advised, Friday, at this same time, I will be sending to LostBoy (dahobb)
but to Gerhard, I dont get how you didn’t keep a backup of the SG stuff? You sent it to Lostboy but you didnt keep a backup yourself??

We’re hunting down Lostboy. We’ll smoke him out! LETS GO, MY BITCHES! Stargalaxy will live!!!!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/31/06 00:42
Sorry I get carried away, lol.
But this whole thing confuses me though.
So Gerhard sent a backup of the SG content to Lostboy, right?
OK so why doesnt Gerhard have a backup himself?
If I sent files to someone, I still have my original files.
So with something as big and wso much work as SG, how come Gerhard doesn’t have a copy of the backup?
Or was he working on it while it was on Lostboys server?
Everyone needs to form a seach party and find out where Lostboy is and what happened.

I hate this, damn FBI. This was a good site while it lasted. First Stargalaxy, now B.O.Y.S. is gone. Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 3/31/06 22:10
In Response To: Sensitive Stephen: You can´t close B.O.Y.S. (Gavroche)

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/5/06 03:47
In Response To: Re: A few words of explanation (lostboy)
You are a cool dude.. even though i really was looking forward to forming the search party for you. lol

Dillon is cool
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/5/06 17:34
In Response To: Dillon Lane #1 (PeterPan)
I’ll seriously hurt people if they say anything mean or raunchy about him, he’s my freind and he’s really a cool guy, and realy good actor too
::stern look at greggy::

SESIL! you have umm i mean ….damn it. I mean
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/5/06 17:44
set up a temp email for people that don’t like to write through my MYSPACE for some odd reason (ahem)
If anyone sends me porn I will report them to SS.
(After I watch it a few times to make sure it’s really porn).
And if it is porn at least make it good porn.
No do not send me porn. Or naked pictures of Greggy.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/8/06 09:44
In Response To: Here’s one (Klompen)
Oh you are a mod, hmm
You can see his winkie.
seriously, his little crotch monkey is visible in that pic.
I didn’t know we were allowed to post pics where kids can have their lemonade dispensers showing.
ok I admit my whole purpose of this rant is just to have an excuse to use random euphanisms for a penis.
anyway what movie is that from and why was she touching it? and if they have a sequel where do i go to try out for the role of the kid?
Im just asking. I need acting experience.
bye now.

TEN COMMANDMENTS boys on again tonight
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/11/06 22:27
In case you wanted to know, lol
We’re watching it-
they are doing flashbacks of young Moses (cool costume! I might copy it for me for a video, Walk Like an egyptian. Just get me some high def caps and lend me 1000 bucks to make it, lol)
oh and there is Gershom and a bunch of other boys
Its definitely different from DeMille’s but hmm, well its good in its own way I suppose

80% are imposters! Someone already tried to use my pics and say its them
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/15/06 03:04
In Response To: The problem is, yes, there’s one there. It’s just an imposter (solarfox)
From my Myspace
Of course its because Im just so damn cute.
or extremely goofy looking..not sure,lol
half of the people on my contact list are using fake pics, alot of which have been posted here, lol
I sort of get a kick out of perverts perving on each other, each one thinking the other is a gay underage boy, lol

I actually have some info on this
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/16/06 14:30
In Response To: Leo?? (solarfox)
First, Leo isn’t his real name, he’s on one of those modeling type of sites, but also part of their “indie film” branch..
I won’t link it, but everyone knows it, it’s Rewind Motion Pictures.
The only kid who used his real name there was David McGrady, most of the others are those weird “handles”.
They ask for money (“backers”) then they fly kids out to do one of their indie films.
They are ok movies, but it seems like the site started as one of those “buy a cd full of 1000 pics of this boy shirtless” (like what is their target audience there hmm. well probably the same people here, lol! but here people go for pics already out there, the kid isnt made to pose for 1000 shirtless pics just for posting on B.O.Y.S., so theres a diff).
d0nt get me wrong, I sorta like RMP, they seem genuinly interested in making movies, but yea there that weird twist to it, i dunno

The weird thing is.. Mark Lester was sort of connected with them. I’m not kidding
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/17/06 00:44
In Response To: Re: Regarding Rewind… (Festus)
Yep the kid that was Oliver and all of that.
I saw some references that he was conected with a couple of their movies, and was in a couple. Maybe he just thought it was a struggling indie film thing, I dunno. But they bragged about Mark being in at least one of their movies.
it seems they hire a couple legit kid actors from tv series in the UK too, and mix them with more of the umm, “model kids”.
I saw some clips and scenes from their movies, they do put *some* work into it, but yea still amateurish. even though all they do is brag about their quality, “we give you the best! only the best! do we spoil you or what!”, lol
doesnt seem that they go for the shirtless thing or anything in the movies, but most of their scripts seem to have the boys in it get their shirts tore up, or ripped off randomly, lol.. not kidding!
but nothing sexual really. I think they just know their audience and use those kids to make money from their umm, target audience.
a couple kids they had were really good actors, but oddly enough are “no longer with them” or “moved on to other things”, hmmmm. lol
I actually had a few people contact me wanting me to be in a movie, offering to get “backers” to pay to fly me (and a parent) out saying if I let them post my pics I would get backers in no time, but I don’t need (nor does the world) a cd full of shirtless pics of me, trust me, lol, and thats what they had for the other kids in their movies.
I just don’t like that sort of thing being out of my control. thats why with my myspace, I have total control over what I do. I bet they pose some of those kids and they don’t realize how sexual it looks themselves (or their parents) until the cd is made.
I always wonder what parent would not have a problem with someone taking 1000 pics of their kid shirtless offering the cd for sale online. like umm, Kid’s Parent…who do you think is the target costumer here whose gonna buy a cd full of shirtles pics of your random kid? LOL! come onnnnnnnnnnn! duh
My mom would *never* go for that, lol! these parents just be like, really really naive, or well something.
very very odd.

Home erectus? I thought that was..
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/19/06 14:48
In Response To: The boy was .. (Elagabalus)
a horny gay dude

He’s a friend of mine
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/22/06 22:21
In Response To: Hey, who’s that in the corners?! (Namester)
I don’t know if he wants too many people from here checking him out.
not the regulars but i mean this board sort of attracts a certain kind of lurker.
so I dunno, someone else will answer I suppose.
I just feel bad about advertising him too much here.
hes cool, a good actor and singer too, he’s been posted here lots already.

excuses, excuses
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/24/06 19:38
In Response To: when I seen this on the first site it was cuttoff (GuitarBoizRule)
you are just trying to get out of your spanking.
you have been too naughty, now come for your spanking you nasty nasty boy.
oh yes come on to mommy for you spanking.
mommy like. oh yes mommy likey
ok what the HELL am I talking about?!, lol
you guys have seriously corrupted me.
well corrupted me more than I already was.

where are child services when you need them
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/25/06 19:13
In Response To: Gino the Ginny 12 y/o “rapper” (Kai)
my parents would never allow me to do anything like that. I didnt even watch it yet
its all for money and contracts, thats all thyat matters to them. I dont get how these parents arent umm, “visited”, by child welfare.
who is the audience for kids that do that stuff?
people call the people on this board perverted, yet they totally accept that stuff. go figure that one out.
also parents are all adviced to watch their kids on MySpace because the evil bad bad predators!
umm, dudes, how about checking what your own kids are doing, posting pics with their shirts lifted up and hands grabbing their crotches. aww we got to protect your innocent little angels from the bad bad men! oh my god, LOL!
I mean I’d freak if my mom saw stuff i did and my stuff is G rated compared to that.
I just do it for laughs

I don’t know why I like this kid….
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/27/06 01:56
well maybe because hes 10, white and probably doesn’t know one word he is saying….lol
the other dude is crying at the end
maybe Gavroche can translate?

Bill (Tokio Hotel) on Star Search singing, umm….
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 4/27/06 02:03
OK is he like, gay?
I mean like out, gay?
you will have a hard time convincing me otherwise now, hmm
and seriously, he can’t sing.
hes “ok”, but umm, yea.

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 6/17/06 06:26
Hi guys
Yea I know I’ve been away but it’s not because of anything bad, or because of anyone here (except maybe lanky and phred. and yoyoyo, and greggy. but except for them– ok maybe dahhobbit and springbokchoy and elagalambsbutts. No I’m kidding. maybe.
no I am. i love all you guys. and I mean that in the biblical sense. ok that didnt sound right. hmm.
no really just stuff came up with school and grades and yea. mom was on me about time online and I had to cut down on all of the myspace/this site/other stuff for awhile.
no i havent even had time to finish and upload my next long awaited video (or long feared? lol), and shamelessly promote it but that should change today too. (not the shameless promoting part, you know what i mean, thr catching up part. the shameless promotion will come later. I mean umm I wouldnt ever do that, phred is too old to keep hiting that delete button, and his arthritis in his finger is acting up. yea leave me alone I didnt get sleep tonight, lol). I have too many messages to catch up on, so I just keep putting stuff off.
I spend some more time on youtube (since my mom don’t mind about that, but no she wants to do her own lipsynch to My Humps. the madness needs to end. I’m kidding, and no, she hasnt seen any of mine, lol, thank god). anyways I finally should have more time to get back here and caught up too.
did anyone figure out my ‘mystery kid’ post before? lol
I forgot what it was, i got to look it up again and pick up on it. and go back and see what i missed (I know you wuz talkin trash bout me, ha).
I’l catch up on stuff soon and be back to annoy everyone, yay!

huh? He didn’t play Xena’ son!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 6/25/06 07:34
In Response To: Nicko Vella (Daedalus)
that was David Taylor
I know cuz we got the DVD set for the series
and my sis is a Xena nut
not cuz im like gay or anything lol

Cool Lesani pic here!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 6/25/06 09:00
In Response To: Remember: No Lesani pics allowed here …. (Elagabalus)
Screw them, I’ll post what I damn well want to.
Let them come and get me, bitches!
This is my favorite pic of Lesani!
who doesn’t love Lesani!

….his undies! OMG
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 6/26/06 21:33
In Response To: Cole Peterson just got a whole lot more handsome and is appearing in…. (Lanky Lad)
well sorta, lol

Greggy got B.O.Y.S. a new mascot! yippie!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 6/28/06 02:58
I dont think the kid wanted to be one though but what can ya do

Archive 9

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 7/1/06 06:31
I was being sarcastic, lol
D.A. needs to get more sleep.
nitey nite

Boys dressing up as girls is JUST WRONG
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 7/1/06 08:42
In Response To: New Canadian Ad : Bank of Montreal (Boy in Pink) (Accord)
what guy with any dignity would do such a thing?

Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 7/2/06 09:16
Lol yep saw it ans its too amazing for words
SS, hope you have a good time.. well I know you will
the 3D is really good, none of that red and blue stuff. but you have to watch for the flahing things at the bottom of the screen when to put the glasses on and when to take them off, cuz its blurry otherwise
but the 3D is so good! the scene with the 15 y/o kent is in 3D and wow! when he falls and levetates, it looks like ou can reach out and touch his hand, its right in front of you.
the little kid in it was awesome!
the part where the boy kissed superman, which I think they were implying is what brought him back to life, was sweet
the effects were beyond what I can even say, just go see it in IMax 3D!
kevin spacy was soo good too!
“where is the boy now? ….umm, time for us to go!”

New study results about boys and and sex!
Posted By: Logan Sperman
Date: 7/2/06 13:39
It now came out as fact..
Boys who smoke have a lower chance of getting a girl pregnant..
Especially if what they smoke is ‘pole’.
These study results have been brought to you by the Sperminator. I did not make these,
I am just reporting, ok?

And there you have it, folks. In his own words, with context provided.


One Response to Context! Getcher Context Here!

  1. Kitler says:

    Very telling for someone who has been called out for being a pedophile on every site he’s been on for the last 15 years.

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