Superhypocrisy and Not-So-Eternal Torment. What’s Happening in DC Comics?

A couple of things have happened recently in the DC Comics Universe that have prompted me to write about them.

Firstly, Green Arrow — a superhero — has finally shot a villain in the head, with predictable results for the villain. Whether this action was justified, and why his fellow Justice Leaguers are showing some hypocrisy is something I touched on in this article for with The Fall of Green Arrow (and Why Barry Allen is a Jerk).

Following that, the much-hyped Blackest Night miniseries has come to its conclusion. Wouldn’t you think that, if you were a villain who had died and were fortunate enough to be resurrected, you would alter the course of your new life to avoid the particular afterlife that awaits a villain? This is something else I felt the need to philosophize over with Where Were You Before the Brightest Day (or The Need for a Consistent Afterlife).


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