Arizona’s New Immigration Enforcement Policy: What You Can Do

Recently, much to the dismay of many fans of open borders and cheap labor, the people of the great State of Arizona passed a law that put immigration enforcement into the hands of the police.

The way things originally stood — and still stand in many states — if an illegal alien was arrested, the police would call ICE… who would then instruct the police to release the person, as they were either understaffed, overworked, or simply not in the mood that day to enforce the laws for which they were originally formed. Arizona has had enough of that, and has blazed the trail for handling the problem themselves.

The problem with that? It’s gonna cost a lot of money, and that money is going to have to come from somewhere. If you don’t live in Arizona, here’s a short, hardly exhaustive list of companies based in Arizona whose taxes feed the state’s revenue. By shopping these companies whenever we can, we can increase the corporate revenue, and thus the corporate taxes paid to Arizona.

Best Western – Based in Phoenix, Best Western runs a string of hotels all across the country. When traveling this summer, go out of your way to plan all of your overnight stays at a Best Western hotel.

Cold Stone Creamery – It doesn’t take much convincing for me to eat ice cream, and there are a couple of Cold Stone Creamery outlets in my area. I’ll make mine Rocky Road, thanks, and trickle in a few more tax dollars to the Scottsdale, Arizona based company.

Cactus Candy Company – Go visit their website,, and place an order for some of that hot and spicy goodness!

Dial Corporation – There’s a plethora of puns that could be made here about “cleaning up Arizona,” but what’s more important is that you know that Dial makes more than just Dial soap. They also make Coast soap, Borateem, Soft Scrub, Twenty-Mule-Team Borax, and L.A. Looks, as well as other hygiene products. Look for these labels when stocking your bathroom cabinets.

Fry’s Food and Drug – If there’s one in your area, you know where to go.

Go isn’t just for Super Bowl commercials any more. Now you can register your website and feel good knowing that a fraction of the money used will eventually make its way into the fight to secure the nation’s borders.

PetSmart – Next time Fido of Fluffy need food, litter, or toys, plot a course for Phoenix-based PetSmart (or visit

U-Haul – Moving locally or long-distance? You probably have a choice of self-transporting carriers. If one of them is U-Haul, you’re rental fees will eventually make their way back to Arizona.

US Airways – Traveling this summer by air? Let US Airways fly you there, and bouy the tax base just that extra bit more to help with the enforcement of this new policy.

(Are you an Arizona-based company doing interstate commerce and not listed above? Let me know and I’ll gladly link you in.)

Update: Here’s a great website with a much better list:


One Response to Arizona’s New Immigration Enforcement Policy: What You Can Do

  1. Rosemary says:

    We always use PetSmart, so I’m glad to hear they’re based in Arizona. Yes, the Tea Party Patriots are definitely supporting Arizona as are the most Conservatives. Note I did not say GOPers? They can kiss my grits! 🙂

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