My Agenda…

…for Archon! This weekend is Archon 34, and I’m doing all my last-minute preparations as I prepare for panel discussions and activities — not to mention getting all fan-boy giddy about some of teh people who will be in attendance this year, like the Guests of Honor Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, and convention pillar of information and hilarity Selina Rosen!

Here’s what I’ve got lined up officially:

Friday, October 1

11:10 AM – LEWIS ‘N’ WONDERLAND: An informal discussion on the Reverend Charles Dodgon and the real-life Alice. In the St. Moritz room.

1:30 PM – NETWORKING FOR WRITERS: Making the most of your con time. I’ll be joining Joy Ward in the Zurich room for this one.

3:50 PM – AUTOGRAPH SESSION: Wherein I’ll be found in the Versaille Hall, watching people line up for autographs from artist and photographer Brent Chumley, who will be sitting beside me.

Saturday, October 2

11:10 AM – READING. The program says it will be “Alice’s Journey Beyond the Moon” or unpublished shorts. I say, why not both and more? This will be in the Davos room, not the Davros room (for all you making the Doctor Who association)… although there may still be a connection.

1:30 PM – MAD HATTER’S UN-BIRTHDAY TEA PARTY: This one’s going to be fun! Colleen Dotson will be leading the charge on this romp! There’ll be games, prizes, treats, and more fun than you can throw a bandersnatch at! We’ll all crowd into the Zermatt room for this one — hope it’s big enough!


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