Just How Popular Is Sandra Fluke?

This is a link to Trojan condoms sold at Walmart. They cost $9.94 for a package of 36. For simplicity of math, we’ll assume a usurious sales tax and round them up to $12.00

Since condoms are only a part of successful conception prevention, a woman should also protect herself from unwanted pregnancies with birth control pills, which go for $15 for a monthly prescription (discounting any outlets that provide them gratis).

Now, let’s take Sandra Fluke’s statements and apply something called “math.”

The annual cost for the above-mentioned birth control pills would be $180 a year. Over three years, that’s $540. Fluke claims a cost of $3000 over the course of three years to pay for her health care needs specific to conception prevention. Taking away the cost for birth control pills, that leaves $2,460 remaining to spend.

Put toward the average package of condoms, the equation is $2460 / $12.00, which gives a quotient of 205 packs of condoms. Each pack contains 36 condoms. 205 x 36 = 7,380 condoms.

That’s a plethora of prophylactics! But is it enough to cover three years?

With 365 days in a year, times 3 years, we learn the timespan mentioned equates to 1,095 days. And 7380 divided by 1095? That’s…

Wow, that’s 6.7397 condoms per night, including weekends.

Which begs the question: Just how popular is Sandra Fluke? And which candidate was really expected to do the math?


One Response to Just How Popular Is Sandra Fluke?

  1. R. says:

    Sandra Fluke should encourage self use of condoms; If not to prevent her own pregnancy, but to prevent infecting each subsequent lover with the crud from a previous lover.

    Next, she will be screaming for free Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene products, thinking it’s her Constitutional right not to be compared to that of a school of mackerel.

    Nasty Gyrl…

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