The Language of Liberals: Freudian Etymology of Insults Against Conservatives

December 1, 2015

If you’ve ever been in an online debate (and who hasn’t these days?) you’ve run up against the term “ad hominem.” It’s a Latin phrase that means “against the man” and it’s reserved for when one debater attacks the character of his opponent rather than the weakness of his argument. “You’re a doo-doo head” would be a classic example.

Over the years the etymological landscape has changed — as it does — with new ad hominem phrases cropping up that get applied specifically to conservatives by liberals. Of course, if they just said “You’re a doo-doo head,” it wouldn’t create new buzzwords, buzzwords that are wrapped in faux-constructs that sound intelligent because they’re so polysyllabic. (See what I did there?) Here are just a few of the “ad hominems” that have entered the liberal lexicon.

Homophobe. Probably one of the earliest words to be coined by the liberal left, the word is applied to those conservatives who support traditional marriage concepts. It’s base words are homo, from the Greek, meaning “same” (yes, I know it also means “man” in Latin, but that’s not this usage of the word) and phobos meaning “fear.” So it fails right out of the gate, because it literally accuses people of being “afraid of things that are the same.” Unless of course the coiners intended to use the word “homo” as a short for “homosexual” (which they did) which is considered to be a crude way to refer to a gay man. What they mean, of course, is homosexualphobe, but that’s a mouthful. (*rimshot*) (*double rimshot*) The intent is that the person who supports traditional marriage is afraid of homosexuality. But it goes beyond that, because a phobia isn’t just a fear — it’s defined as an *irrational* fear. So basically, they’re calling you irrational. Or, you know, stupid.

Ammosexual. If you’re a Second Amendment supporter — especially if you support the Second Amendment *and* you own a gun, then you’re likely to come across the term “ammosexual.” Technically, this one translates to “one who loves ammunition.” And maybe you do. The intent, however, is to imply that the gun owner owns a gun not because he enjoys them but because he is compensating for supposed genital shortcomings. (What it means for the female gun owner is anyone’s guess, but the image it conjures is disturbing, and certainly not safe in practice.) In this case, you’re not just being called a “doo-doo head,” you’re being emasculated in their argument — because apparently in their mind, size does matter. Paging Doctor Freud.

Fetus Fetishist. This is one of the newer phrases to come out, and it applies to those who support Right to Life. Taken literally, it takes the Latin word “foetus” (which means baby, so why not just use the word “baby” — oh, right, what was I thinking?) and conjoins it to a word that implies sexual paraphilia. The insult here is that you are a person who gets sexually excited by babies. Another word for that is “pedophile.” Aren’t they nice folks?

Those are just a few, and I’m sure you can add more. Curiously, they all derive from a sexual base. Maybe they have something on their minds?